Sweet Friends

It looks like I will be posting quite a bit about my sweet friends and our times together! Here’s an introduction to just a few of them!

This is my sister, the other Cotton. It gets kind of confusing when we are together, like that old Nick show Pete & Pete.  We are lucky to be the best of friends, especially with opposite we are! Just to give you an idea, she is earning her BFA in Studio Art and I have my BS in Food and Resource Economics. Even playing soccer growing up, we never had to compete because she played striker and I played sweeper!  We really are the perfect Yin and Yang.

I didn’t know I could be best friends with someone other than my sister until I met my big. Although most big/ little stories are loving fairy tales, ours didn’t start out quite as so. In fact, when she recruited me during round two, I thought she was lying to me to get me to join Sigma Kappa. All week long I had to explain to women at other chapters what my major was an out of the woodwork comes this girl with the same major.  Luckily, she didn’t let me meet too many other older sisters in the house pre-selection, so I pretty much had to have her as a big.

My littles are perfect. They are all the trouble I needed to add into my life. No, really, they get me into trouble all the time and I’ve had to bail them out of their messes a time or two.

Little C, on the left, is my first little. We were matched only my second semester in the chapter (my first as an initiated sister).  She transferred from FSU and (shocker) was studying FRE! My big, little C, and I would go on pizza dates after her new member meetings, which eventually led to us being big and little. She is my free spirit and the kindest soul you will ever meet.

Little M, on the right, is my second little and truly lives up to the reputation of the youngest child. As the rebel of her pledge class (you have no idea), I can’t think of any time we have spent together that hasn’t been absolutely ridiculous. She is the best when it comes to putting up with my boy drama, and, if it were up to her, would have run over a few of the guys with her Jeep by now.

Although we do not live together anymore, H will forever be my froomz. Being in the same pledge class and both being very close with her big, we became instant friends. It wasn’t until we both moved into the house our second year, however, that that we became as close as we are now. One of the best things about our friendship is that, even though I am very logic driven and she is very emotional, we reason out everything. And I mean everything. She is basically the Joey to my Chandler.

MS has been my best guy friend for quite some time now. We basically met on accident and had a mutual friend of ours not been completely creepy (then us being creepy after), we may have never been friends. He is one of the reasons I still have faith in men and ANY girl would be lucky to be with him. He is always so sweet and genuine and never fails to make me feel special! It's great to have an honest friend, and ever better to have a best (guy) friend. 

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