Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Current Thoughts:

Summing them up, because I have too many right now.

Today’s Pickins:
1.       This DIY Ombre Platter is the other DIY feature in this month’s LPF Mag!
2.       The Little Earring Book might be the perfect solution for my ever-growing earring collection!
3.       What your clothing colors say about you—hmm I am wearing black, olive, and gold today!
4.       Barre Workouts make me miss my 18 years of dance! L


  1. So this maybe crazy weird stalker of me, but I'm pretty sure I follow you on Pinterest and am also a Sigma Kappa haha. Small world :)

  2. thanks Madilene!

    Emily, I am pretty sure we follow each other on pinterest, too, sister friend!! Love it!

  3. Ah I feel exactly the same way as the first quote. I just want to sit by the ocean and just think about life!