Sunday, August 19, 2012

Design Inspiration: Ikea Adventure

Yesterday, we helped my sister move back to school. She is getting ready to start her junior year at the University of South Florida in Tampa and moved into her first apartment! Having lived in the dorm my first year and the sorority house the rest of college, I never really got to live out the fun side of living in my own place.
After lunch, we ran over to Ikea in Ybor to pick up some last minute things, like a rug and side table. Because I will have my own place very soon, I’ve got inspiration boards all over the place! I snapped a few photos of some things I loved in the store.

1.       I loved the all white kitchen in the mock apartment! Especially the focal use of the Audrey canvas.
2.       The patterned serving tray with martini glasses and the gorgeous candle sticks create an all day festive feeling.
3.       I bought this cupcake stand to use as a makeup and jewelry display in my bathroom! I love it and it is a great tool in reminding me to put my stuff back when I get ready in the mornings.
4.       The aqua cart was a sweet touch in the very natural bedroom. It would make for a fun DIY with a cart from a thrift store or flea market, as well.
5.       Totally lusting after this chrome lamp! And let me tell you, I normally could care less about lamps.
6.       This blue and white toile pattern has caught my eye while at Ikea before. I currently have a black and cream toile as one of the patterns in my current “Vintage France” inspired bedroom and might have to bring toile into my new place, too!
7.       A grey, round, side table would be so functional! The best part? It could be painted if it didn’t match. Even better? It was really well priced!
8.       I am not sure which I love more: the purple chairs or the bold, patterned table runner! The table runner was a cavas-eque material. I’ve been sewing for about 14 years so finding some fabric and whipping one of these out would be no problem!

What are some of the pieces that inspired room design in your place?

Today’s Pickins:
1.       Lilly Pulitzer now has Jubilee cocktail mixes?! Very Niceeee! 
2.       My birthday always seems to be a holiday party and I think this hot chocolate bar idea might be a sweet treat for this winter! 
3.       Using old wood pallets to create outdoor furniture looks pretty easy thanks to this DIY
4.       Kinda fell in love with these wine bottle tea light holders today at Yankee Candle. 


  1. I did the SAME thing when I went to Ikea the other day! I took a billion pictures to get ideas for my own apartment (when I get one). I'm loving everything you picked!

  2. I would love to see your pictures! That place is full of amazing ideas!

  3. It's great to hear that you will get you new place. I loved your above pictures and I think these pieces can be great choice to make any place beautiful.

    Carol@ white furniture