Monday, September 24, 2012

Meteorology, Music, and Martinis

Living in Florida, I have an obligation to post about how happy I am when the weather might not actually hit 90 today. I ran out to my car around 6:30 AM to grab my tervis before work and couldn’t believe that I felt a little chilly. “But, it’s still September!” I thought to myself! That’s right, kids! It was 70 outside!

As I mentioned in a few previous posts, I spent this past weekend in Gainesville. While I don’t want to bore you all recapping my escapades, I did want to mention some songs on the awesome playlist I made for the road!

The first song reminds me of my last weekend living in Gainesville. I spent the perfect evening with the perfect person listening to John Mayer. The song Edge of Desire always takes me back to the night and puts me in the happiest of moods. Listen to it ASAP!

The second song has me soooo excited for Friday it’s not even funny! Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes is basically my life mantra. I will be changing my latitude on Friday as my sister and I head down to Key West to spend the weekend, and her 21st, with our parents!  Here is a little Jimmy to remind you that “if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane!”

Lastly, Big/Little pairs were decided last night and I am so excited for all of the new additions to our Martini Family, specifically the fact that I am a GGBig!! I’ve been creeping on all of the new littles and I am so in love with each of them! Can’t wait to officially meet them and welcome them into the best of all the families!
Reverse Family Tower at our "What use to be cool" social! 

There you have it, just another manic Monday! What joys are getting you through today/ this week?

Today’s Pickins:
1.       As if Jimmy didn’t already have me in the best mood for my Key West adventure, Ben and Jerry surely topped it off with this KeyLime Pie ice cream!
2.       Thinking about making these Pumpkin ChocolateChip Cookies if this weather holds up! 
3.       Need a cute, custom wreath for football season? One of my sisters is selling the cutest ones on Etsy! Check her out! 


  1. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sound amazing right now. i wish there was a way i could just buy them, though, because if i make them, i'll eat half a batch and my husband will eat the other half, haha.

    and that's so funny that edge of desire makes you think of gainesville..i live in atlanta, but it makes me think of florida as a whole. not sure why. who knows, maybe he wrote the song there!


  2. Happy early 21st to your sister! As much as I love spending the weekends tailgating, I'd give my right arm to be in Key West this weekend. Hope y'all have a terrific trip! And oh yes, gotta have some Buffet if you're headed to Key West :)