Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget.

I clearly remember it being a Tuesday, it was the fifth graders' day of the week in gifted and, because our classroom was in the admin building, we were among the first students to hear. 

I remember being confused, not quite understanding what was going on. I wondered if it all was an accident. Soon after the first plane hit, it was time for use to meet up with everyone at P.E. and I informed my normal teacher of what I had seen.

She didn't believe me. She argued with me, telling me I must be wrong and got the names mixed up. I wasn't wrong. I think she was just in shock. That is the part of the day that I remember most.

Where were you when you first found out?


  1. In 5th grade too! Even that young, we knew something terrible was happening <3

  2. I was in 4th grade, but all of the teachers hid it from us, so I didn't find out until after school!

  3. Wow, I feel old! I was a sophomore at UF. Everyone on campus was on their phone, even though you couldn't get through to anyone because the lines were all jammed. I took the bus to class right after the towers fell (we didn't really know what else to do!). My stop was at the intersection by Swamp. People were stopped on the sidewalk by the front lawn watching the big screen-many of them were just getting out of class and finding out what had happened. For days after, students waited in line for hours to donate blood.

  4. I was working and the president coming to our air force base, which scared everyone in my town. After something so horrible, nobody wanted the president in town! We felt like we might be targeted. (Barksdale is a pretty important airforce base.)