Thursday, October 25, 2012

Every Day I'm Instagramming...

Weekly recap via Instagram

Monday OOTD--my office is an Arctic tundra!

No Tuesday OOTD, which is sad, because I looked cute for a date. Which I got stood up on. 

Wednesday OOTD. New Cobalt ankle pants paired with emerald jewels.

Yes, this is Cindy McCain. Not, this picture is not zoomed.

Thought that was cool? Well, as I was finishing my Tuna sandwich at the local deli, the Romeny/ Ryan bus pulls up into the parking lot. Not even kidding. 

Here is the beautiful birthday girl, Ann Romney, getting off the bus!

Note the dude in the shades. He's frickin hilarious. kept making fun of me for taking my picture with the bus but then refused to take a thumbs up pic because he wouldn't be a tough security agent if he did...

Lastly, I'm tired. Thank God my office is super casual.
Thursday OOTD

Today's Pickins:
2. I really need a career mentor and this guide from The Levo League will be a helpful one!
3. Although I don't have a man to cozy up to, the sweet songs on this Wedding Songs list have definitely been taking over my commute playlist! 


  1. YOU GOT STOOD UP?!?!?! I'm gonna need to hear this story...

  2. Ok! I need to take you shopping with me!! You have the cutest style! And Mrs. Romney is super pretty!

    happy Thursday pretty lady <33

  3. You are so darn cute! His loss! Ann Romney is beautiful, I heard when they were in Denver they popped into Chipotle and surprised everyone. :)

  4. We have twinzie phone cases! ;) I love all your outfits! Ahhhh Ann Romney.. adore her!!!

  5. Love all of your outfits - too adorable! Ahhh I just love Ann Romney, so classy and perfect. Also, can't believe you got stood up (especially in a cute outfit) guys suck! :P

  6. Great pics!

    Love your scarf!



  7. All of your outfits are super cute! I'm going to have to echo what Pam said - standing you up is that guy's loss. It makes me sad that people have such poor manners.


  8. Dont worry im always instagramming too! You looked so cute i love monday outfit with the headband! Who ever stood u up in a jerk! lets beat him up?

    Cute blog, followed you

  9. You are so cute! I love that first outfit with the purple and I'm jealous of your casual dress code at work! Sorry you got sttod! That's cool that you get to meet Ann!

  10. I'm sorry you got stood up but you looked beautiful so it's his loss! Your outfit is so cute, I LOVE your scarf :)