Friday, December 28, 2012

Finally, Fur!

I have always seen faux fur as a timeless winter staple and this season, fur is out in full force! 

I have been looking for a way to add fur to my wardrobe but just hadn't found the right piece. That is, until I found myself at JCPenney yesterday! 

During the holiday season, JCP was giving out little buttons with codes on the back. You could enter in the code on their site and many of the buttons were worth prizes! I won $10 on my first try (from black friday shopping) so my family and I collected buttons throughout the season in hopes of a bigger prize (like a Kitchen Aid or a trip to Hawaii)!  See what I did with the buttons HERE

One of my buttons was a $25 giftcard to the store and yesterday proved to be my perfect opportunity to use it! 

This Liz Clairborne Sleeveless Fur Vest jumped out at me right away and I didn't want to take it off! I love that the stitching is done in a herringbone pattern, too! 

Priced at $50, I happily handed over my $25 gift card and thus scored this number for a total of $25+tax!

I am so excited to wear this vest this season and I am looking for some great inspirations as to just how I want to rock this statement piece! 

Here are a few cute ideas I found on Pinterest:

I love turning to pinterest for outfit inspirations--they have been great for coming up with fun ways to wear this trend!

Are you into faux fur? What is your favorite way to style it?

Today's Pickins:
3. Rock Candy in Champagne--I posted about this earlier this week in my OHP post and actually tried it last night! It was such a fun way to add a little umpf to the champagne! My Cotton Candy flavor soaked into the champagne a bit and the rock candy also tasted like champagne  Not to mention, it also created a neat fizz effect in the glass! I recommend picking up rock candy at your local candy story or Cracker Barrel for NYE! 


  1. Love your find! I borrow my mom's fur vests from time to time--and I think they are such a fun way to take an outfit to a completely new look and level. TGIF. oxo

  2. I am such a HUGE fan of fur! Especially vests because it truly never gets cool enough for me here to wear a coat. Although I do have my great grandmother's beautiful mink and possum coats and they sadly have only gotten about maybe 10 wears from me. Darn global warming! Mama has a nice collection of vests and I tend to "borrow" them from time to time.

  3. i love the rebranding JCP has done as well- just checked out your pin DIY- so creative! i have a faux fur jacket, but i really want a vest, i love what a great layering piece it makes!!

  4. Love this post! I am SO nervous to try to wear fur but I should just do it! I love the look of a vest pair with casual shirt and jeans.

    Thanks for sending me your link! Looking forward to reading your blog :)

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