Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Guest Blogger: Christmas and New Year's Traditions

Hey there!  I'm Ella from Champagne & Cardigans.  Cotton is not only a fabulous blogger friend of mine, she is also my sorority sister!  I have known Cotton for almost four years now and I can truly say she is just as wonderful as she seems :)


We are trading blogs for the day and I couldn't be more excited about it!  Pop on by Champagne & Cardigans to check out some of her amazing Holiday Cocktail recipes. 

Today I am going to write about some of my favorite Christmas and New Years Traditions... ya know the ones that make you feel super warm-fuzzy and cozy inside.

A Christmas Letter


Not the kind you mail to your entire address book either...
Each year my mom writes my two brothers and I a letter.  She has one for each of our Christmas-es but hasn't let us read any of them yet.
I have a feeling she will be giving me mine next year, at my first Christmas as a married woman.
Regardless, I think this is a wonderful keepsake and way to remember each year spent with someone.  I am starting this tradition for DP this year... I may not keep them for quiet as long of a time as she has but I definitely want to wait a few years to let him read them.  What a way to remember how time goes by!

Chicken Scratch


Chicken Scratch is a game played with dominos...  You can find directions here.  This is one of those simple, slow games you can play for hours, take a break and come back to it the next day.  My family loves to relax and play Chicken Scratch after any holiday meal.  Especially good when accompanied with a warm mug of coffee or full wine glass.

An All Girls Wine Night

I seriously doubt I need to elaborate a lot on why this is beneficial, fun, necessary etc...  The Holidays are great time for people to use some vacation days, get together and pop a few bottles.  I love the idea of a wine swap - every one brings a bottle and goes home with a different one (either in hand or consumed!).   I can't wait to catch up over some champagne with my best friend this month.

Christmas Movies, Christmas Movies, Christmas Movies


Corny or not, a good (or not so good) Christmas movie always makes it feel like the holidays.  I love a good mix of sentimental, funny and classic movies.  Definitely filling up the DVR with some ABC Family Originals this year :) 

New Years Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Nothing makes me feel more like a kid again than doing a Jigsaw Puzzle on New Year's Day.  My family has never made big plans on New Year's Day so my brothers, cousins and I usually spent the day working on a Jigsaw Puzzle.  So relaxing and a fun way to spend time together. 

I hope y'all enjoyed some of my family holiday traditions and have a wonderfully exciting and beautiful holiday season!


  1. Oh my gosh, the Christmas letter tradition is so sweet! What a wonderful gift to give your kids one day!

  2. I agree, the Christmas letter sounds so awesome! I want to start that! I also love spending time with my girlfriends at home during the holidays.

  3. I love the Christmas letters. That's so great!

    And nothing beats the 25 days of Christmas.