Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OOTD + Giveaway Feature!

My OOTD from this Saturday was inspired by The Cotton Necklace from Lucy & Me Jewelry--yes, the same one that I am giving away!

If you've been living under a rock and forgot about the giveaway, you need to click HERE.

While most of you are enjoying the chilly December days, down here in Florida, we are still in the 80s with no sign of chill! Saturday involved quite a bit of running around and finishing decorating the tree, so comfort was key!!

As you can see, I opted for a chambray shirt, ponte pants, and boots. Jewelry was simple and my Cotton necklace gave the outfit the stylish pop it needed! I had just slept on curly hair the night before so I opted for the headband to keep it from getting too crazy over the course of the day!

Even Presley wanted to get in on the photoshoot!

Make sure to enter the giveaway for The Cotton Necklace! It ends at midnight on 12/7!!

Have you entered the giveaway yet? How would you pair The Cotton Necklace if you won?
The best outfit idea will get additional entries into the contest! 
(Polyvores are also welcomed!)

Today's Pickins:


  1. Very pretty! And your dog is adorable!

  2. So cute! The one of you and Presley is precious!

  3. You are so precious!!! Love the necklace!

  4. I am so excited for the Giveaway! Absolutely love the necklace! I tagged you in my Holiday Link up and It would mean so much if you could participate!! Here is the link in case you decide. Happy Holidays hun <3


  5. You are very pretty and your dog is so lovely <3333


    www.the-world-c.blogspot.com + GIVEAWAY

  6. I love the chambray shirt--I've been rocking mine while studying for finals! Have a great day. oxo

  7. Ah! I love your dog! What a cutie! Man's best friend for sure! That necklace looks very pretty on you!

  8. Very cute, and your dog is adorable, xoxo.

  9. UM I'm drooling over your outfit (not in a creepy way!) haha.

    Love the Chambray!

  10. Your OOTD - soooo cute. I'm really, really loving that necklace!!