Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: I signed a lease!

I signed a lease for my first, all by myself, big girl apartment!!

And I bought this sofa!

Talk about a crazy weekend!

Anyway, it's a short post because I have been dedicating so much time to this new apartment and finding ways to do it all "right".

So I ask this: What did you wish you knew when moving into your first apartment?

Let me know, please!


  1. How exciting!! When I moved out into my first place, the only thing I wish I knew was how to cook more then two meals!! :) xo

  2. I moved in on my own in August!! I also had to buy a new sofa, new bed, furniture, etc.

    Advice, it would be how much money you'll spend on storage. And that there will be a lot of little things you won't realize you need until you're looking for them the first time!

  3. EEEEEK! That is so exciting, congratulations. I just bought a house--so I've been racking my friend's brains about what they wished they would have bought, or done differently. Depending on the size of your apartment, it might be good to invest in an air mattress or two for surprise overnight guests (one of my friends told me target has the best prices)...I would also check with management (if you're living alone) about adding an extra lock to your door--if nothing else it's good for your piece of mind.
    I also would research what to splurge and save on when it comes to cookware/furniture, etc.
    Happy Monday. oxo

  4. Congrats!! Plan everything before you move in, but wait to buy extra furniture and decor. It is hard to visualize that until you can see everything in its place!

  5. congrats on the move!

    all i wish i had known is to WAIT before jumping ahead and getting a bunch of stuff. it's amazing the amount of things family & friends had extras of they passed my way...after i had spent a bunch of money buying stuff!!

  6. Congrats!! So exciting!

    What I learned: make sure you have lots of guys to move your stuff for you! And don't decorate until you move in. Your memory will not be the same as the actual apartment. Also, always have drinks on hand for unexpected visitors.

  7. Be patient!! Its better to live in a blank canvas for longer to reallllly decide and find exactly what you're looking for. Its hard to wait but I guarantee you'll be happier with the end result if you do it room-by-room and take time to be picky.
    Can't wait to see pics - miss you sisterfriend!

  8. Congratulations on signing your lease! That's so exciting!