Monday, February 4, 2013

Sounds to Sleep {playlist}

When I have a lot going on in life, I seem to have a hard time falling asleep.

Recently, I've made a few playlists that seem to do the trick!

This one is one of my favorites. Whether you are using it to fall asleep, wind down, or to jam out to in the car, I hope you enjoy!

Sweet Sleeping!

Today's Pickins:


  1. I have trouble falling asleep at night too. I may have to try out this playlist and see if it helps! Also, those conversation heart cheesecakes are adorable!


  2. That playlist is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it. I think this one would be wonderful while reading in bed.


  3. Love Free Fallin! I have to do something before I go to bed, like read for a few minutes, watch 10 mins of a show, or listen to music so I can relax! Love this playlist.

  4. First off- I LOVE the playlist! But I'm more fascinated with the drawing- did you draw it?!

  5. Wonderful playlist! It is so relaxing - my favorite kind of music! (:

    xo, Taylor

  6. Thanks for sharing friend!! I will definitely be playing this when I read before bed!

  7. Looove this playlist! I blogged a sleep playlist a few months back and I'm always looking for new songs to add. These are perfect :)