Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm an American Picker!

Last week my big and I discovered the most epic vintage flea market in a nearby town! She found a ton of shabby chic furniture pieces for her new store  and I managed to snag a few photos along the way...

Shabby stack of frames

Snazzy Art Deco Chandelier 

I wanted allllll the suitcases! 

We had so much fun that I just had to go back a few days later with Mama! She loved looking through the warehouse and really felt like a much fun!

Mama and I both have an affinity for maps and I just knew we weren't going to leave without this trunk table! The west indies/ traveler feel of the table fits in well with my parents house. It also didn't take much time before daddy's fishing trophies and our newest gator were displayed! 

What are your best vintage finds?

Today's Pickins:


  1. I love vintage suitcases! They always look so cool when used as a side table or decorative piece.


  2. oh man that just looks like a blast!

  3. I need you to teach me your ways of thrift/flea marketing before I get my new place in August!