Friday, July 27, 2012

A Dolla Makes Me Holla

Honey Boo Boo wasn't too far off with that little quote! One of my favorite thrills in life is when I score a great find at a great price unexpectedly. Today just seemed to be the perfect example of this.

After work today, I headed over to my local Marshall's to find a dress to wear when  I head off to Raleigh for a wedding in two weeks. As I was waiting for my ticket to try on my handful of dresses, a royal blue dress on the return rack caught my eye--so much so that I actually dropped everything and walked past everyone to check it out.

It was a dress that I have had my eye on for over a year now, the Clumbia PFG "2 Cute Bonehead" Dress! Not sure if I could be more excited for football season now. Glad to say I will be in The Swamp on opening day in this dress and cowboy boots.

There were so many other cute finds in the paper goods section that I just had to make myself walk away before I bought everything that I didn't need!

What is your best discount store find?

Today's Pickins:

1. La Petite Fashionista's Summer Olympics Party
2. Absolut: Miami mixed with grenadine and Sprite
3. White Nail Polish, Essie's Walk Down the Aisle
4. College Football Themed Engagement Shoots


  1. Hello hello :) came over from your tumblr!

    LOVE the dress! Great find!

  2. I love that color! :D

  3. I still can't believe how lucky I was to find this! It was the only one left inthe store :)