Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today has been a much anticipated DIY day and I am so happy to finally tackle some of these projects. 

The first project I plan on tackling is painting a chair to match my room. Simple enough, but as of now, it is turning into an all day project. Watching paint dry really isn’t much fun! 

The second project involves turning a silver zipper gold. I am SO nervous for this one! Finger, toes, and everything else are crossed that it turns out well!

Look out for posts about each of these projects coming up!

Today’s Pickins:
  1. The USA swim team video to “Call Me, Maybe”  might  even rival the Harvard Baseball team’s vid
  2.     Kasteel Rouge on a Saturday night—it’s more like sangria than beer!
  3. My orange blossom Tervis and the way it screams “Florida Girl”
  4. My puppy’s 3rd birthday! What a sweet girl she is! 

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