Monday, July 30, 2012

Fired Up!

Yesterday marked my first sisterhood event as a member of my sorority’s local alumni chapter! It was a bit bizarre speaking as a graduate and hearing the chapter advisor talk about her preparations for recruitment—especially when you won’t be involved this year! Luckily, I knew about half of the women at the event, so I was still comfortable but able to meet plenty of new sister friends.
We started out afternoon with lunch at The Wine Exchange where I had the best brie and turkey Paris sandwich! I was so tempted to take a foodie photo but didn’t want to be “that girl” especially at my first event. Lunch was a great way to meet so many new alumni, my favorite being those that pledge in the late 40s! I love talking with my grandma about her days in her chapter, especially once I was initiated into Sigma Kappa. Before that time, I had only heard about my grandma’s sorority experience post- college as the International President for Philanthropy. I love comparing and contrasting these times and seeing how much things have (or have not) changed over the years! 

For the second part of the afternoon, we headed to the other side of the village area to Color Me Mine ceramics studio. I’ve always loved ceramics and was enthusiastic for a chance to spend an afternoon in the studio! My grandbig, Erin, and I searched all the options for the right piece to paint and both settled on large, round plates for the functional factor.
Apparently we had similar ideas when it came to our plates, as we both created a chevron design. In total Erin fashion, her plate features a royal blue and white chevron with an orange accent circle. For the underside of the plate, she painted orange polka dots on a white background for a sneaky pop of color!
Unable to decide between pairing “London Fog” with “Turquoise” or “Pink Salmon” I ended up finding a way to use all three colors! I painted my chevron in “London Fog” and “Turquoise” and trimmed the circle in the middle with “Pink Salmon”. I then used the same color to free-hand my monogram on the white background of the circle. Lastly, for more of an accent, I used the same “Pink Salmon” for the underside of my plate. 

All in all, it took almost two hours to measure out and paint but I am very excited to pick up my plate once it is fired!
I am so thankful for the time I had to reconnect with sisters yesterday and look forward to future events. I highly encourage all the Greeks out there to get involved with their local alumni chapters and #PassItOn.

Cotton’s Pickins:
1.       Acrylic Sorority Lavalieres are an interesting twist on showing off your letters.  
2.       This DIY Sequin Ornament reminds me of the sequin orbs in my bedroom!  
3.       Synchronized Diving—Proud of the American’s silver but OhEmGee the Chinese were freakishly perfect!
4.       Working out in the car makes me glad I commute alone!  

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