Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dream Board: Clarity

Today's dream board is inspired by my current wish that my life could be a bit more black and white. Putting this dream board together, however, reminded me that among the black and white there are always going to be a lot of grey areas. Maybe these gray areas are what make the black and white parts of life so clear...

Today’s Pickins:
1.       This SigKap Lilly tank has me missing my beautiful sisters today! It’s move-in day at the 1108 and I am heartbroken that I officially no longer live there L
2.       Southern Living’s Farmhouse Restoration is pretty much my  dream home.
3.        The Mimosa Bar at this party might have to be a permanent in my new place!
4.       Pop-up, illustrated “Save the Date” cards are my current wedding obsession! I’ve got a bit of wedding fever with the weekend drawing near!


  1. May I say that your comments are always so adorable that they make me smile? haha :)

    Love the concept of black and white! And I totally agree with you about the grey.
    Anyways, I associate black and white with the early 20th century and get nostalgic and wish that I was there... haha

  2. Off topic, but I noticed we have a lot of the same 'favorites' and was curious, do you have a Golden?