Friday, August 24, 2012

Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

This week has NOT been going my way AT ALL. On top of it, I have also been a little off my mojo thanks to my longing to be with my beautiful sisters at recruitment.
Without saying too much, there was someone in my office that used to be a huge source of negativity. It made me question my job, how well I was doing, and how much I was making and, over all, my happiness.
In light of recent events, I do not sit next to him in the office anymore. I cannot believe how much happier I am throughout the day because of it!
In times like this, I am really coming to understand the importance of surrounding myself with positivity and BEING that source of positivity to others.  Sure, it is hard when you’re just having a bad week—that’s me right now! But it doesn’t mean that you cannot embrace the positivity that you are surrounded with!

Food for thought, friends.

Today’s Pickins:
1.I LOVE this idea of spray painting dollar store animals gold to creative d├ęcor for a room! 
2. This wedding video is the sweetest! Definitely put a smile on my face today. 
3. It doesn’t have to be Christmas time for my mouth to water at these cinnamon almonds
4. These college campus prints are an adorable way to add some school spirit to any room! 

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  1. aw i feel you, i've encountered similar experiences in the working world! & i miss my college friends all the time! sending you happy vibes !