Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome Home PC '12!

I cannot believe that it is already bid day! Bid day was always one of my favorite days of the year as it is always a celebration not just the end of rush, but also new sisters-to-be!
I will miss being with my sisters today. The new Baby Doves have no idea how lucky they are to be entering our Mystic Bond…seriously!
Here are some of my favorite bid day photos from the last two years:

Waiting for our Heart Sisters/ PC' 11!

I was so excited to see this sweet girl on our lawn last year! She was one of my favorites during the week :)

 Beta Tau was so bleesed to have our LC there for the week! What an inspiring and motivating sister friend!

My sweet heart sister at Bid Day 2010! Can't Believe you are a Pi Chi now!
Here's a fun fact: I built our letters that summer and Bid Day 2010 was the first time we got to show them off!

One of my favorite pledge sisters. We are such babies in the pic and now you are VPM! Congrats!

Bid Day 2010 with my froomz (and fav Pi Chi 2012!) and my first little!


For all you active sisters and especially you new members out there…don’t blink.  The time goes by so fast and once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back. You are so blessed to be part of your sisterhood and even when the times get tough, NEVER EVER take it for granted.

Today’s Pickins:
1.       Currently wearing my Sigma Kappa Flirties to spread a little extra dove love today.
2.       This Florida inspired Hummingbird Cupcake from Souther Living sounds pretty tasty!
3.       I LOVE peonies! I also miss the farmer’s markets in Gainesville and being able to look at them on Sunday mornings.
4.       Here’s a secret: I LOVE ! I’m can be an overly rational thinker about things (like relationships) and sometimes womanly advice or columns are too much for me to handle.  

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  1. This makes me miss college and my sorority so much!!! Ya'll are adorable. :)