Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dream Board--Destress

Life has had me on edge lately.  It seems my stress has multiplied now that I live alone. I feel as though I have so much more going on when, in reality, I don’t.

I've been working hard to find some serenity to emotionally take myself out of my anxiety driven life. The gym use to be my safe haven but, even now, it can be a stressor, too.

As I mentioned in previous posts, when I am feeling an extreme emotion, I like to create dream boards to recent myself. I think it’s funny how all of the pictures I chose seem to have calming hues in them—shows you exactly what I need right now!

What do you do to reduce the anxiety in your life?

Today’s Pickins:
1.       Today’s Chocolate Bling post from PS I Made This is both girly and sweet!  
2.       Sparkle Jack Rogers in Orange and Blue are every Gator Girl’s dream! 
3.       This is supposed to be the best replica of my favorite Starbucks drink—Passion Tea Lemonade!
4.       I agree with Lauren Conrad—everyone needs an ice facial


  1. such a cute post! I try to listen to calming music or read to chill from anxiety. I like your dream board to destress. It's a great idea! have a happy weekend! oxox - hope

  2. such a cute post! I love the dream board to destress. xo

  3. A long brisk walk with my pup always works! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I am totally with you, girl. I have so much going on right now, and I really need to give myself some time to de-stress. Thanks for sharing this cute post :)