Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sick Days.

I feel a little silly that I am still working even when I am sick—don’t want to waste that PTO! I came down with something on Monday night and it has only been getting worse since.

Even worse, it has made me lose all productivity around the house! I’m slacking a bit on my chores, which is not good when you live alone.

When I am sick, I have two weapons of choice: hot tea and egg drop soup!

Hot tea is great when your sickness involves anything with your nose/ sinuses, which, unfortunately, is me right now. It helps clear things out and lets me breathe better.

Egg drop soup is my go-to no matter what type of sickness it is! The warm soup is comforting and great for settling the tummy but, even better, it is full of protein to keep you healthy and quicken your recovery time.

So far, I am not getting any better! What helps you recover quickly when you are feeling sick?

Would you mind taking two seconds to answer this question? It is going to help greatly with an article I am working on for the next issue of LPF Mag!

Today’s Pickins:
1.       Washi Tape card ideas would be perfect with all of the birthdays coming up! 
2.       An interior girl’s dream—the top 100 BenjaminMoore paint colors. It’s even categorized by colors and has pictures of rooms paint in the color, too! 
3.       San Fran engagement photos—could anything be cuter!? 
4.       I may not be the biggest Katie Couric fan, but her “Life is a series of reboots” quote really hit home recently.


  1. Egg drop soup = yum!

  2. I love hot tea when I'm sick! I've had some sort of sickness for a couple weeks and I think it's turning into bronchitis. Usually dayquil is my drug of choice!

  3. Feel better - loved Katie's quote!!

  4. egg drop soup? im a hot and sour soup kind of girl! love katie's quote :) feel better darling!