Friday, October 12, 2012

The Ponte Pant + OOTD

I love leggings. I also love leggings as pants. And I am not sorry about it.

However, like a lot of other women out there, I don’t have skinny legs.  So, when I wear leggings, I tend to eventually wear through the inseam—ruining the pants. Even my seamstress skills never quite bring the leggings back to where they were.

This is the reason I love ponte pants. While the pants seem to fit just like leggings, they are much thicker. This means you a) won’t be able to see through them b) everything is held in nice and tight and c) you stay extra warm in the winter.

I tried on the Marisa Ponte at Loft a few weeks ago. And as much as I loved the ankle zipper and the material, I couldn't quite get myself to pay $65 for something I was looking to replace my $5 leggings.  I’ll be honest, I still live on a “college” budget even when making “big girl” money.

Then, earlier this week, I was doing some browsing online and found the perfect alternative at WalMart! Say whhhaaat!? Miss Tina is a line created by Tina Knowles sold exclusively at Wal Mart. So, I decided to stop by my local store on the way home from work and couldn't believe how well this pair compared to the one’s at loft! The Miss Tina pants also had some piping down the center of the pant, just like the Loft pair.

There were, however, tow differences in the style of the pants. The first was the ankle zip featured in the Loft pant. To me, this was no big deal. The second difference is a matter of preference. The Miss Tina pants featured a styled, elastic waist band whereas the Loft pants had a zip fly with a clasp closure.

As I said previously, I was looking to these pants to replace leggings in my wardrobe, so I personally preferred the elastic waist band!

I didn't get too great of a shot of the pants in yesterday’s OOTD (it was a hurried shot on my way to the gym) but, I have to say, they were amazingly comfortable to wear all day and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a more appropriate pair of leggings to wear as pants. In fact, I plan to buy another pair to put away for future use just in case I am unable to find another pair in the future!

Have you tried ponte pants this season?

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  1. I might have to get some of these pants! I love wearing leggings as pants too!

  2. these ponte pants sound great! now i want to order some.

  3. omg what a great find! I'm so going to walmart to pick some up! happy weekend, love! xoxo - hope

  4. Love them! the outfit is great!