Friday, November 2, 2012

The Kid That Stood Me Up.

Ever since I made a side reference to this happening, I have been asked to share the story. Personally, I think it was a huge issue that was avoided, but, we will continue.

Met this kid at a party. Just graduated college as well and is working in the same area as me. Perfect.

We made plans to meet for drinks after work one day a few weeks later and that went pretty well. He was a nice kid, a little awkward, but I generally prefer smart guys so it was fine. We sat at the pub and tried a few drinks and after about two hours of chatting and half off appetizers, we headed our separate ways.

I hadn’t even started my car in the parking lot before he texts me to apologize for being nervous.


Over the next week and a half, he wanted to make plans every other day. He also made these suggestion between his (not exaggerating) 60+ texts a day to me.

(Shoulda cut it off there.)

Finally, we made plans to meet up to watch the Florida vs. South Carolina game, since I wasn’t planning on going to the game.

The Wednesday before the game, I got a text from my mom saying my dad had two free tickets to the game and weekend and that I could ride up to Gainesville with them and sit with my cousin. I was soooooo excited!

My immediate reaction was to text the kid. He claims to be such a loyal NCAA Football fan, so I thought he would understand. Apparently, I was wrong.

He then sent this text back to me:
"is there any way i can convince you not to go?"

and I said “aww! Now i feel terrible!"

To which he replies:
"Well if you get the ticket and want to go i am not going to hold it against you if you go obviously. I was just really looking forward to spending my first day with nor work or anything with you. I realize watching it at home isn’t as fun, but i still think it would be a really great time."

"And that was the only time this week we figured we'd have a chance to see each other."

At that point, I just stopped texting. Bro, we’ve gone out ONCE. Therefore, Gator Football > you. Don’t make me feel guilty for it either.

He ended up sending me a text a few hours later apologizing for overreacting. By the time the next day came, we were both acting like nothing happened.

Fast forward to the next Tuesday. We had made plans to grab dinner after I got off of work that night. I had been in meetings all day with our managers and reps for corporate, so we weren’t texting.

I showed up to the restaurant on time, told the host that it would be a few more minutes, as I was waiting for someone. Once he was ten minutes late, I called and texted, to which I got no response.

I casually walked out and sat in my car for another ten minutes. Still no response then, so, I left.

I decided to call my mom and talk to her a bit on my way home, only to be greeted with the news that my Opa, who we had just found out had bone cancer, had taken a turn for the worse that morning (he ended up passing away that evening).

When I got off the phone, I had a new facebook notification. When I pulled up to the next light, I opened it to see that the kid that stood me up had sent me a message.

The message read:
I know I've been distant today, but it's been one of those days. Picked up my bike, took it for a ride, took a nap afterwards, ran some errands, saw a movie with mom...all kinds of stuff going on. Sorry to leave you in the dark.
In any case...
I've come to the conclusion that it's not going to work out with us. I place the blame on myself and I don't want to place any more stress on you in regards to the situation. I appreciated having the opportunity to meet you, I don't regret having done so.
In any case, good luck with everything.”

I have a feeling I came out on top. Deuces, Kid.

Have you ever been stood up? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. You are so confident and this story is GREAT. You definitely are winning!

    btw, I know you followed High Cotton Honey, but I've moved! Check me out on


  2. I definitely agree you came out on top with this one! Haha thanks for sharing this story, I think it's great to read about how you dealt with it so confidently.

  3. You definitely "won the breakup" to put it in HIMYM terms. That's ridonk. What a weirdo. Great story though, and really, what good are weird guy situations if they don't have awesome stories to go along with them??? :)


    1. YES!! I was debating posting that on here, but I thought it might be too mean!

  4. Oh my gosh what a weirdo!!! I agree, you dodged a bullet with that kid!!

  5. Yeah he was creepy. Good riddens!

  6. Oh my gosh, what a weirdo! He sounds crazy! I'm glad you dodged that bullet!

  7. Stumbled across your blog and its so cute. I'm a new follower. That guy sounds super creeper and I'm glad y'all didn't work out. What a weirdo! Anyway hope you'll check out my blog!

    1. Thanks so much! I look forward to following you back :)

  8. Oh my goodness what a weirdo! You definitely are better off. I was in a situation like that once too and it was the absolute WORST.


    1. Funny enough, a great guy showed up into my life within 24 hours of the situation--who woulda thunk it!?