Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday Sewing: Pillows and Frockets

This weekend was spent with me, myself, and my two pups. Perfect chance to be a little lazy, a little drinky, and mostly a lotta crafty.

I knew I wanted to get some sewing done, so I headed over to Joann’s to check out fabrics from my two Sunday Projects.

{Project One}

I had seen a DIY on Pinterest for making pocket sweatshirts similar to those from The Frat Collection. Even cooler  I won a giftcard to TFC from a giveaway last month and I am super excited to get a TFC shirt of my own!

I decided I wanted to make a less “fratty” version of the sweatshirt and bought a comfy cardinal red crewneck from Walmart, which I paired with a leopard fabric I found at Joanns!

After buying the fabric, the first major task required me to make a pattern of a pocket, which you can see in the pictures. I used a measuring tape to measure a frocket on a favorite tee of mine and added some “buffer” room, which I used for hems later on.

I then pinned this pocked down to the frabic and cut it out! To make the folds even where I was planning to make stitches, I actually used an old flat iron instead of pulling out my full iron! My favorite sewing trick ;) I then took the time to sew down each edge creating a fabric pocket!

Next, I simply put the sweatshirt on and held the pocket up to the place where I liked it most and pinned the pocket down.

The last step was to simply sew the pocket down onto the sweatshirt! I stitched along the hemline from before as to not make extra lines! As silly as it sounds, remember to leave the top of the pocket open.

Look out for this bad boy in a future OOTD post!

{Project Two}

My second project was pretty simple. I have a storage bin that I made a few summers back with my dad that I used in the sorority house since we never had storage. Clearly, this moved home with me when I left.

{Fun fact, we call the bin a “Body Box” because you could probs fit a few dead bodies in it…}

Anyhow, the top of the bin is hinged and I have always left pillow on top, letting it serve as a window seat of sorts! The last two years, my rooms in the house have had pinks in the theme, so I had pink pillows on top.

My room now is all black, white, and gray, with aqua walls. Pink, well, doesn’t match.

I had originally planned to copy this idea I found on pinterest.

I couldn’t find a pretty lace that I wanted to use and while searching up and down aisles for the fourth time, I stumbled across this fabric gem!

I instantly knew it was “the one” and headed straight over to get two yards cut! The fabric is a shiny pewter with a black lace overlay. It is very 20s inspired and reminded me of something I'd see at a Prohibition Party! 

The best part?  The $19.99 fabric was already 40% off, taking it down to $11.99. THENNNNN I had a coupon from the Joann app for 25% off my entire purchase, bringing the fabric down to $8.99 a yard!! I was overjoyed, to say the least!

Here is a picture of how the pillow turned out! I am so in love with the pewter underlay, I am actually thinking about going back to buy more fabric to make party dress! Tempting…

Have you taken on any sewing projects lately?


  1. Ahh love the pocket! I never thought of doing that but what a genius way to spruce up a plain shirt! Loving that leopard print especially

    1. Yes! It's my hipster-ish version of the preppy pocket! I wore it with black skinnies and dark cowboy boots to run errands the other day!

  2. Love the Frocket!! I'm super envious of your gracefulness behind the sewing machine - I not so much. Yay for drinky + crafty :)

    1. Start with easy projects--you'll learn and get better! I've been sewing since I was 8!

  3. Love them both!! too bad I can't sew!

  4. You are so talented! I love the pillow!

  5. How did you get that pocket so perfect? Mine always turn out super lopsided and awkward!

    1. When I made the pattern, I measured it out! I made it an even length across then put a line down the exact middle. Then I drew a line straight across where I wanted the "point" to start and brought it at an angle to the middle line. because of the latitudes and longitudes, it makes it all even (if that makes sense!)

      I also evenly measure where the fold lines would go (I did .5" from the edge) so they would all be even and then, using my flat iron (lol), I ironed down the fold before sewing it!

      Hope that helps!