Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guest Blogger: New Year's Sales Tips

I am so excited to introduce you all to Tori from Classic Loving today! She is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful bloggers I have met and I would highly recommend checking her page out! When Tori told me her idea for this post, I was ecstatic! I know I will be using these great tips and tricks in my sale shopping!

Hey all! 
It's Tori from Classic Loving and I'm guest blogging for Cotton today :) 
I hope everyone had a great NYE and New Years in general! 

Once New Years is over, the sales kick in. As a former retail employee, I know how hectic it become from even January 1st! Literally, sales shopping gets crazy. Not as bad as Black Friday, but definitely up there.

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I know I love shopping- which means that I usually participate in these sales. I've got a couple of tips for people who are participating in these sales.

1. Bring only cash, leave the cards at home 
This can seemingly be dangerous in a different way than having your credit card with you, because you can drop your wallet, get it pick pocketed, etc which would mean you would lose all of the cash inside of it. But when you think about it, how often do you lose your wallet or get it stolen when you go out? Not too often. Bringing cash will stop you from overspending, especially if you are bad with willing yourself to stay on a budget.

2. Go in leggings and a loose top with a tight tanktop underneath 
I know it's unlady-like to try on clothes outside of the changing room. But worse come to worst, you can throw on tops without going to the dressing rooms if you are wearing a tanktop. Leggings will also make changing easier and can even substitute as tights for dresses/skirts, making it less time consuming than wearing jeans or dresses. 

3. Know the mall that you are going to- map out where you are going
Go to stores in a logical order. It really saves time and gives you more time to look around for clothes rather than walking around the mall.  The faster you get to the last store on your list, the better stuff there will be left. 

4. Go early or go late depending on what you want 

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Ever heard the phrase "You snooze, you lose?" I know that everyone goes as the store opens, which means you will be thrown into the middle of tons of people. But there will always be that one dress that you've been dying for. A lot of stores have early bird sales such as "extra 20% off before noon"! Or go late if you don't care as much about what will be there, then go late to avoid the traffic. 

5. Organize your email coupons and coupons in general 
It'll make the cash register transactions easier for both you and the sales associate! Make sure you utilize coupons, because you can get discounts which means more money to spend on other items or less money spent in general!

6. Have fun! Don't stress!
Don't worry about getting the best deals or the best clothes! It's the new year! You shouldn't be stressing out about clothes and money anyway :)

I think not stressing out and having fun are such good things to keep in mind before you go shopping. It'll make your shopping/sale experience so much better.
Good luck, and have fun everyone!

Thanks Cotton, for letting me post today! Please come visit me at my blog Classic Loving- I'd love to meet all of you :)


  1. This is such a cute post. I like the 5th the best, because it is SO frustrating waiting at a register behind someone who is not organized, or extremely awkward being the person who has a million rewards and coupons, but can't find the right one. Cheers!

  2. Love the tips! #2 is amazing! I always go in a tank and cardigan so I don't have to wait in long lines to try things on!!

  3. I love #2! It's fun for me to pick out the perfect mall experience outfit that optimizes cuteness and functionality for trying on clothes.