Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did It. {Nailed It}

Yes, the title is a cheesy pun.

No, I am not sorry about it. 

But I am excited to be linking up again today! 

I often find myself lusting after the cute, trendy nail designs of pinterest and just never seem to pull them off. I feel like I am missing a step in the details or something because my project never turns out the way I had hoped. 

Upon a tidbit from a random lady at Target, I decided to give it one last try!

I pinned and pinned and drew some inspiration from these posts:


I basically combined all of the ideas into one and decided to use tape to create a glittered, reverse manicure in a triangle shape. 

I promise, it sounds much more complicated than it is. 

First, I picked out two colors that I liked together-- Essie's Case Study as the base color and Sally Hansen's Strobe Light for the manicure. 

Next, I painted the base color and let it dry. This didn't take too long.

Here's the secret:

I then used WASHI TAPE to create the triangle design at the nail beds.  Once the tape was pressed down, I simple stroked a few coats of the glitter polish until I was satisfied! I then pealed the tape off, let the glitter finish drying, and applied a top coat! 

The washi tape is the secret in all of this. The tape seals enough to keep the nail polish from bleed onto the base color but is light enough that it does not pull away the base color when it is removed.


You may have seen the end result on Instagram:

And here is another shot of the final product!

I really like these colors together and I think it keeps the nail design fun and more mature than some of the other designs I see! 

Have you ever tried washi tape when painting you nails?

Today's Pickins:
1.  Acrylic Jewelry Stands for your organized New Year
2.  Block Letter Bookends-would be cute with initials


  1. SO pretty ~ and what a great tip! I always find no matter the project it takes me twice as long as the one I pinned from! :)

  2. Love it! It looks really pretty and I'm impressed that you were able to tape your non dominant hand.

  3. ohhhh boy, i've got to try this!!

  4. Girl your nails are sooo cute! This seriously makes me want to attempt some of my pins! I hope you have a great day:)

  5. OMG. Will you come to the midwest and paint my nails?! Ah-Maz-Ing. I also appreciated the sorry I'm not sorry about the pun moment you had! Happy Thursday!

    1. They turned out great. I am always a failure when I try to re-create Pinterest nails, but now I'll try the Washi tape!

  6. I've seen so many pins like this too...I need to do my own version. They look so wonderful! love the colors you used too :)

    thank you for linking up!

  7. Very cute and I love the color of them!

  8. That is gorgeous!

    Here from SPD linkup :)

  9. This looks cute! I've got to get with it...because I don't even really KNOW what Washi tape is, even though I've heard a ton about it!

  10. That's awesome. They look so great! I've got to try it.


  11. GO. YOU! That looks SO good!!! I love the colors you used, too!!

    Thanks for linking up with us again sweet thing! xoxo

  12. Washi tape?! GOOD. TO. KNOW! I can't tell you how many times I've pinned something similar to this- clearly knowing I wouldn't be able to do them myself :/ BUT NOW! :D

    New follower and also a fellow FL girl :)


  13. Your nails look amazing and are definitely wearable! I need to give this a try!!