Thursday, February 21, 2013

Place Yourselves

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As many of you know, I am getting ready to move in a few weeks! It's a very nerve wrecking process but I am excited to finally live on my own.

I recently bought an adorable Colin Cowie dinnerware set and figured that, while I was at it, I could pick up placemats go with it. Now, this may sound silly but I truly believe the comfort of a home starts in the kitchen.

Here are some of the placemats I was looking at:

place yourselves

I am thinking I might just go with the leopard set! Plus, nothing screams bachelorette pad quite like a little pop of animal print, right? 

Which set would you choose?

Today's Pickins:


  1. I would totally pick up 2 sets! Leopard print set for everyday girl wear and the gray pattern for fancy boy/non-leopard office peeps :)

    Love them though! I ended up making a set of my own placemats because I found napkins I adored!

  2. I love the Leopard print and the Gray pattern. I am still looking for linens for my kitchen. I can't wait to see you apartment all together!

  3. I love the leopard and the grey pattern as well!! Both classy and fun. So excited to see your place :)

  4. Loved the leopard, but adore that pretty paisley with all that color too!

  5. Those are all so cute, though I think the glitter and the paisley/floral are my faves!

  6. I really like the gray pattern. It's really classy. Good luck on choosing! :D

  7. SOO exciting to be moving into your own place. i'm a big believe in the home starting in the kitchen as well. can't wait to see shots of the new place & love the placemat pickins! :)

  8. So exciting!! I change up my place mats all the time, usually depending on the season, but for everyday I have a these cute ones that look like a basket with green and white napkins and matching napkin rings.

    I love the glitter and leopard.

  9. Hey girl,

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