Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anatomy of a FITBIT Stack

It's official...I am obsessed with my fitbit. 

I constantly find myself looks for little ways to add extra steps to each day, which is important since I have a "desk job" and don't often move nearly as much as I should! 

My only complain about the fitbit flex is that bands are pretty noticeable. Because of this, I have started to add my fitbit to my daily bracelet stacks rather than wearing it as a stand alone on the other wrist. However, I might be switching that up once Tory Burch releases her set of bands for the flex! 

Because the fitbit is bulky, it has definitely taken some trial and error in find the right stack. Behold, I bring you my formula or for the perfect fitbit stack! 

fitbit stack

Does wearable tech make an appearance in your stack?

Today's Pickins:
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  1. The fitbit is a really cool idea! I'd be scared to see how much I don't walk now that I'm on mat leave. Maybe I'll get one when I go back to work! ;) This is a really great idea! I never thought of adding things to make it look like it totally belongs there!

  2. This is so great! Ive been wanting to get something like a fitbit for some time!


  3. My good friend just got a fitbit, I'll have to show this to her so she can use your tips!

  4. I have actually been curious about the fitbit (tech things like that always pique my interest!). I just know I'd do the same and add various bracelets to jazz it up a bit!

    See you around the SITS tribe!

  5. I have been dying to get a fitbit, but now I may just wait till the Tory Burch designs come out!

  6. I really want a fitbit! I still love my Polar but i'm ready for an upgrade.