Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite 2014 Nail Trends: Pinks and Nudes

Few things make a woman feel more glamorous than a fresh mani! 

I've been letting my nails go au-natural for a few weeks to let them heal and can't wait to paint them up for this first time this year! BUT, the first mani of 2014 needs to be something special, right?

Nudes and Ballet pinks have been some of the best looks on the red carpet this year. Here are a few great ways to take these classic shades up a level: 

Have you tried any of these looks recently? Tell me about your favorite nail trends for 2014!

Today's Pickins:


  1. I love nude nails because the upkeep is so much easier when a small chip isn't obvious. I'm on a gray/taupe kick right now and have been keeping those on my nails.

  2. I am the worst at painting my nails. I never wait long enough for them to dry so mine always chip or smudge!


  3. I am ALWAYS wearing light pinks and nudes...because I have to for clinical. Love them. However, once in a while I get the urge for a good blue or deep violet hue!