Monday, August 6, 2012

Apron Recipes

For those of you not fortunate enough to have Publix as your local grocery retailer—I am sorry.  As someone that studied grocery retail in college, I truly treasure this gem of a grocery store I am lucky enough to have in my hometown.
One of the cool things that Publix does is called “Apron Recipes”. These recipes are easy-to-make recipes that usually take about 30 minutes or so and use every day ingredients. Each week, you will find a station in your store where an employee has made the recipe for you to try! Her station features not only samples, but a recipe card and the cooler behind her has all of the ingredients for the meal—no need to run around the store AND you can do a mental inventory of what you already have!
After trying nearly all of these recipes, I wanted to share my three favorites!

I tried this recipe for the first time last night and Oh Em Gee how yummy! I did not make the side dish with it, though.
It was VERY simple to make, even with the few variations I added. I mixed black beans and corn with one of the layers, which added a lot of flavor to the dish. It really seems like any twist on this meal would be phenomenal!

My two biggest tips in making this meal would be:
-If you like your tortilla edges crispy bake for the full 25 minutes
- You don’t need the full burrito kit if you are not making the Corn and Chile Taco salad—Just buy tortillas (8) and burrito seasoning for your meat.

For all of my friends that love Greek food, this is your meal. If I could, I would make this dish twice a week, that is how good it is!  Due to stand time, it takes a bit to make it. However, it reheats very well.
Personally, I do not make the side listed with this. Instead, I usually try to home make a Greek salad on the side, seeing as the flavors are very similar.

Again, pay attention to the active time versus the sit time—the ONLY downside to this meal!

This is one of the newer recipes but is great for how quick it can be! I’ve actually contemplated making two salads at once and wrapping up the other for my lunch at work the next day—yum yum!
What makes this salad perfect is the barbeque chicken twist! You can use any type of barbeque sauce that you like, which is great. You can also add or subtract ingredients to the salad, for example, I don’t like tomatoes, so I never use those on my salad.

Need a great, light, ranch dressing for the side?! Check out this great pinterest find! It taste great and can be made with the “Spicy Ranch” seasoning, as well!  

Today’s Pickins:
1.       Another tasty treat from Fluffimama, these yogurt covered blueberries are perfect for the midday sweet tooth.
2.       This chevron monogrammed shower curtain would be a great inspiration in my new place!
3.       Sparkling White Peach Sangria—do I really need to say anything else?
4.       Nike Legend Capri allow you to show off some team pride while at the gym!

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