Friday, August 3, 2012

Dream Board: 8/3

I've had a thing for dream boards ever since high school. Although most pople update their boards once a year or so, I like to make mini boards on days when I need to add a little umpf to my life.

Today's board seems to have a common theme of cool, comforting colors, which I am really digging these days (I have on a turquoise necklace and lavender nails right now...).

What has been inspiring you lately?

Morning Pickins:
1. This Tory Burch iphone case doesn't help me hide my leopard love!
2.  Olympic inspired cocktails sound like the perfect TGIF treat!


  1. I loveee the colors in this dream board. They're so comforting and relaxing!

  2. These are always my go-to colors in life!