Thursday, August 30, 2012

…Our Love Shall Never Fail

I am bursting at the seams in excitement for this weekend! I can’t wait to head up to Gainesville for the first game of the season! I have missed the town and my sisters greatly and can’t wait to be “home” again.

Growing up, Florida football was a tradition I came to love and cherish. As the product of two UF alumni, the orange and blue flows through my veins! It is so amazing to see everyone at the games, from the 85 year old college sweethearts to the infants of parents that can only dream of the day their kid is a Gator, Florida football is something that we all share in.
One of my favorite recent traditions is when all of the players run to the student side/ band at the end of the game and everyone joins together singing the Alma Mater! Seriously, Y’all, I teared up when we sang the Alma Mater to close graduation!

Neath the orange and blue victorious,
our love shall never fail. 
There's no other name so glorious,
all hail, Florida, hail!

What are your favorite college football traditions?

Today’s Pickins:
1.       I have an unhealthy twin obsession. I felt I missed out in life by not being a twin. Anyway, these twins are pretty much thecutest things ever
2.       I am a FONT FREAK and love this quick tutorial on faking calligraphy. 
3.       I am in love with this compass ring from Etsy! I’ve always had a thing for maps and compasses! 
4.       I could never imagine a kitchen without an island! These DIY ideas off the perfect solutions for any space. 


  1. I want to be a twin too! Have a happy Friday and be sure to enter to win sponsorship on my blog! (ending tonight).

  2. I just transferred to an SEC school, and I cannot wait for the first home football game!

    I couldn't imagine a kitchen without an island, either! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. A Sigma Kappa AND a Gator fan?! We are meant to be ;)

  4. I feel the same way about Florida state football! :),I miss it so much! And I love that you said you're a font freak - I am too and my bf always teases me when I point out cool do ts out and abut!

  5. Great post! I met a guy at the kentucky vs. louisville football game this past weekend, and he was wearing ALL florida attire. I had to look around to make sure I was at the right game.

    A Southern Drawl